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Still life

A variety of still lifes by Jacqueline and Marcel Yamelievi.

And this section is full of a lot of variety! We have tried to present you our typical Bulgarian still lifes, bouquets of flowers of different seasons. The emphasis in the section are Bouquets of flowers.

Spring bouquets with the first flowers - snowdrops, crocuses, buckthorn, bluebell, are many of the proposals in the catalog. Monochrome or very saturated, they are all our recreated joy of the coming spring.

Summer bouquets describe another beauty - that of irises, sunflowers, poppies and fields with them, the field flowers and their aroma in the sun! What about roses !? Oh, amazing us with their strong and very heavy color, multi-leafed and simpler, they spray their aroma from the canvases as well! Sometimes narrated in a more pastel way, other times with more accent-relief.

Lilacs are one of our regular offers to you. It is very nice to paint the gorgeous bouquets of different colors of lilacs! Have you noticed, I guess, how different in their shades these short-appearing flowers are !? Here is the big challenge to transform the space around them, and to add flavor to it! Favorite theme are the Autumn still lifes, which have their own specifics - the crowd range of autumn and saturated colors of chrysanthemums, bright fruits - apples and pears, multicolored pumpkins, the incomparable color of sumac leaves - the challenge of red and green colors.

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