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The abstract painting is not, as one often hears opinions - "you wiped the artist's brushes anywhere ..."! The abstract painting is an "invitation" of feelings and sensations in a different direction, in which the recipient himself has an important place in the "reproduction" of images thanks to his ideas and responsiveness. The paintings in this catalog present canvases that are not completely / absolutely / abstract. If you look closely you will see images that resemble a naked body, a landscape, a secret image and thus always challenge you to them!

Along with the abstract paintings, we also present the "SEASONS" cycles, on which I love to improvise. I have already written about them in the COMPOSITIONS catalog. The rich variety in terms of sizes and formats - squares, triangles or very elongated formats; with or without frames; more concrete in the image or absolutely abstract - with a naked female body, or with landscapes, they are all a specific accent for many living spaces. In addition, they have the advantage of kinetics - because just a small change of places on the wall to which they are attached, already creates a new painting!

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