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Jackie is a master of figural compositions! We cannot and should not compare it with anyone, because it is unique and unrepeatable! Sometimes very "talkative" with the amount of figures, other times simple and very clear! Here in this catalog you will see everything that is available. This type of painting Jacques usually paints to order and for special clients. For those who are interested, we can provide additional information.

My "specialty", if we can call them, are the abstract compositions or polyptychs and cycles "Seasons". It can already be said that I have experience with them, because the interest in the topic does not subside. Variety in terms of format sizes, squares, triangular or very elongated formats; with or without frames; more specific in the image or absolutely abstract - with a naked female body, or with landscapes, they are all a specific accent for many living spaces. In addition - they have the advantage of kinetics - because just a small change in their location already creates a new picture of vision and this further leads to joy!

Here are some compositions of paintings that we decided would stand on a wall well next to each other and given our experience, when someone has already taken a picture from us and wants to add another to it. This is a very delicate and often unsolvable task that we are ready and prepared to solve!

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