Order paintings from the Online Painting Store

Ordering from our e-shop is as simple as possible to present you the most convenient online shopping in Bulgaria. Shopping from a picture shop is completely safe, as payment is made upon receipt of the goods. There are two main ways to shop: through the site and by phone. Here is each of the ways briefly described:


  1. Select your desired main category-genre from the main menu. In our site you can search by genre paintings (Landscape, Still Life, Naked Body, etc.).
    From the drop-down menu, select the desired internal category from the list. The categories are organized by type or location. After selecting an internal category, you will find yourself next to a page with the different pictures.
    Select the desired picture from the page. In most cases, there is more than one photo on it, so you can look at the picture in detail.
    Examine the product carefully. On the sides of the photo there is a text that describes it in detail. The format, technique, information about the frame and the price are described.
    Once you are sure of your decision, you are ready to add the picture to "Add to Purchases".
    After pressing you will see a screen with the purchase and two buttons - To continue shopping, press the button "Continue shopping" (click it if you want to buy something else or just look) and the button "Go to Checkout" order the purchase)
    If you have selected "Go to Checkout", follow the on-screen instructions to complete the order.


  1. Select the desired picture (s) you want to order as described above.
    Write the name (s) of the pictures on a piece of paper.
    Call us on the phone listed above on the page and dictate the pictures you have recorded. We will accept your orders by phone and send it to the address specified by you.
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